Creative Task of the week – Chapter 1

Nicht wundern: Meine Englische Hausarbeit für den MOOC „The Future of Storytelling

One of my favourite movie-story is an japanese animation called “Millenium Actress”: When a traditional film studio is wrecked, a TV-reporter, who once worked as a young man in the studio, wents back there and tries to make a documentation of the history of the studio.

When he is interviewing an old actress film and reality start to shift and they are recalling all their memories through the different films thats she has played in over the years.

There is also a love-story involved, when the actress as a young girl helped hiding a man from being killed. And all trough her life (and film) she’s trying to find him again.

I like that movie very much, because I started my career also in a traditional filmstudio and ended in doing TV stuff now. The director Satoshi Kon had an excellent “filmic language” and the movie takes place in almost all japanese-related places and times: And that’s why the titel is called: Millenium Actress

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